Indoor Air Quality Service

How’s Your Ashburn’s Home Indoor Air Quality?

ashburn indoor air quality

Indoor air quality testing is a needed service to get for your home. This is because the air circulating in it could be polluted by different products or pathogens. Now, how do you know that the need to call in the experts to help you out? Well, when you start smelling unusual odors in your home or someone in your family gets frequent bouts of asthma, it definitely means that there is something in your home that is causing the problem.

There are different sources of pollution in your home. Plus, the pollutants are ordinarily found in a regular home. It is just that the air conditioning or heating system in the home is contributing to the problem when it circulates the air. And so, to make sure that you and your family are not put at risk of allergies and accidental poisoning, it is vital that you can in a professional to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution.

Construction materials

Construction or building materials are one source of pollution in a home. Well, not necessarily including yours. In fact, most of the modern buildings nowadays are already equipped with materials that do not pose too many health risks. Not like before when asbestos was widely used, today the problem is not so prevalent. But, there are still older homes that use asbestos as building insulation. When you suspect that the old house you recently bought may have asbestos insulation, you really have to call indoor air quality service provider to confirm your suspicions. Plus, asbestos is not the only substance that is a cause for concern. Some carpets that are mildewed can give off pollutants.

Common Household Products

Did you know that a lot of the household products you have in your kitchen or bathroom have the potential to cause harm? Yes, the products you use to clean bathroom tiles or kitchen countertops have the tendency to release pollutants. Now, detecting the noxious fumes is not difficult as you will right away feel the effects on your breathing. As such, you might choke for the fumes or have difficulty breathing.

Combustion source

Generally, stoves, heaters and water heaters run on electricity or gas. When there is something wrong with these devices and the defect goes unnoticed by the residents of the home, there could be grave results. In fact, more than 200 persons are killed each year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because carbon monoxide does not give off a certain odor, detection of its presence cannot be left entirely to the sense of smell. In short, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed inside the home to give homeowners a warning when the CO levels climb too high.

To cut a long story short, a reputable service provider can help you track down these pollutants insider your home for your safety. Plus, when the technicians know the root of the problem, they can immediately perform a corrective procedure to solve the problem.

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